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I believe hope for our planet lies in people developing deep empathy for and understanding of one another. I have dedicated my career to helping people meet, work and play together as a means of increasing understanding and compassion.

I have always found experiential education, learning by doing, to be the most powerful pedagogy

VickiIn 2011, I founded Global Weeks, a consulting business that helps other schools develop their global programs. My style is open and collaborative; I enjoy the process of helping schools think strategically to align their mission, goals, and values with the practical realities of creating programs. More details about my work and clients can be found here. I am an active member and participant with in organizations such as the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network, Global Education Benchmark Group, Global Washington, World Leadership School and Global Circles.

A native of Seattle, Washington, I have a B.A. in German from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed in International Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  I have spent my 40 year career teaching, advising, and leading educational travel experiences for adolescents.

Most recently, over 13 years at Lakeside School, I developed and implemented one of the most comprehensive independent school global service learning programs in the country.  Students choose between three Middle School trips and seven Upper School trips that are fully supported by an endowment and operate in the summer in rural locations with NGO partners, both in Washington State and around the globe. This transformative program includes curriculum, home stays, meaningful service work, and a follow-up project in Seattle.

I directed every aspect of the Lakeside program’s design, evolution and administration: developing sites, creating and managing policies, budgets, risk management and communications systems, hiring and training leaders and in-country partners, admitting and preparing students, coordinating pre-, during-, and post-trip curriculum, leading trips, and educating others locally, nationally and internationally about the program.

Global Weeks provides the tools for schools and educators to incorporate meaningful global education into their curriculum, thereby providing a richer and more complex vision of our global society. I believe that when we come to know how very different we are from each other and at the same time how very alike we are, the world will be a better place.

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