Global Visionaries

  • Traveled to Guatemala with a group of high school students to observe a service learning program and evaluate risk management policies and  procedures.
  • Helped design and facilitate the Global Leadership Summer Institute, a weeklong training for teachers from around the country on how to educate students as global leaders with 21st Century skills.

The Evergreen School

  • Worked with an educator team to choose a new site for the monthlong capstone global experience for the entire eighth grade.

Chadwick International School

  • Collaborative design project for freshman orientation for 80 students in Songdo, South Korea.  Spent a year working on the design team, culminating in a 5-day experience for 80 students in two island villages.

Groton School

  • Worked with Global Education Director and faculty team to develop implementation plan for global education vision at Groton School.

Wardlaw-Hartridge School

  • Led professional development effort with Director of Global Initiatives to create a vision for global citizenship.
  • Ongoing work in backwards-design to develop capstone courses at grades 12, 8 and 5 which will focus global education in each division.

World Leadership School

  • Instructed on service learning courses for high school students in Peru and Tanzania

Berkshire School

  • Worked with Director of Global Initiatives to develop vision statement and presentation to Board of Trustees of global education plan.

Collegiate School

  • Worked with Director of International Education and a team of educators to lay the groundwork and design a global service experience for students that is tied to curriculum and other opportunities on campus, including a local service program.

Riverdale Country School

  • Worked with administrators and faculty members to review global education programming and curriculum.
  • Made recommendations for evolution of global and other experiential education initiatives.

The Blake School

  • Worked with Board members and administrators to frame the discussion and then met with the Schools Committee of the Board to provide rationale for and describe successful elements of a comprehensive global immersion program.
  • Working with Director of Global Initiatives to develop vision statement and presentation to Board of Trustees of global education plan.
  • Developing environmentally-focused domestic service-learning program.

The Technology Services Corps

  • Working with Board of Directors on strategic planning, staff training, and risk management.

Individual consultation

  • Personal advising, guidance, mentoring, and coaching in the field of global experiential education.
  • Provide direction, resources, connections, and project planning assistance.

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